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Learners 2 Earners Handbook

Learners2Earners is a comprehensive career development program to assist students in the personal journey of career decision-making.  The handbook and the online course will provide knowledge and skills to implement an integrated and comprehensive K- 12 curriculum with the application of the National Career Development Guidelines as the centerpiece tool to assist students.

Today’s world is changing quickly with new technology and the changing dynamics of learning.  We must keep in mind that the purpose of education and learning is to prepare students for the transitions of learning and earning.  The National Career Development Guidelines serve as the standard in career development and provide information on performance at all levels.  This resource will support educational initiatives as well as workforce preparation and development initiatives by:

  • Providing foundational activities that teach skill sets needed for lifelong success.
  • Providing opportunities for customizing learning environments for a variety of learning styles.
  • Providing the relevance for academics tools in a changing workplace.
  • Providing activities and learning for engaging youth for their personal career pathways.
  • Building individual resiliency by developing worker/learner identities, skill sets, and career success. 

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Parent's Planners

Parent's Planner folders provide information to help parents assist their children in preparing for the future, by identifying their unique goals. These attractive folders stress the skills, abilities and qualities that will help young people be successful in the future.  They provide a convenient place for parents to record their child's goals and the action steps for parents and children to take in order to achieve those goals.

Perfect for existing parent involvement activities, Parent's Planner folders can be ordered in their orginial non-customized form, or can be customized by putting your school or agency information on the folder.  Print quotes for customization will be given upon request.

A complimentary review copy of the Planner is available upon request. Please contact Meegan Isenhour at to request your copy.

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