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mantra driver|mantra driver download|mantra rd service download for pc|mantra mfs100 driver download|mantra rd service customer care number|mantra rd service renewal:Registered device service of MFS100 is fully compatible with latest Aadhaar Authentication API 2.0 (rev 1). Registered device service Setup for MFS100 is available on our download portal.

MANTRA MFS 100 Brand Root Biometric Fingerprint USB Device With RD Services Corded Portable Scanner (Grey) MFS-100-With-C-Type-Converter-A Payment Device with 1 year RD Service free Access Control, Payment Device (Fingerprint)

mantra rd service registration

Fingerprint scanners are important for biometric authentication and attendance verification in offices. These are also widely used for UIDAI services like Aadhaar enrollment. The best fingerprint scanners are fast, accurate, resistant to scratches and impact and are equipped to detect fingerprints that are dry, moist or even those that are smudged.

The Futronic fingerprint scanner is claimed to capture an almost undistorted raw fingerprint image. It’s also designed to work with any fingerprint application. The finger scanning window on this scanner is made of crown glass that has a thickness of 14mm. It uses infrared LEDs to indicate scanning and the light intensity is adjusted according to the fingerprint’s characteristics such as wet, dry or blurred. This Futronic fingerprint scanner is also said to be more reliable and robust as compared to semiconductor fingerprint sensors.

mantra mfs100 driver

Mantra Driver MFS100 V54 download for PC download from Radium Box here for Mantra Driver Software – Windows 7 and Windows 10 with download guide has been specially prepared for users who are looking to download the latest driver package for this mantra MFS 100 fingerprint scanning device. We are sharing the mantra MFS 100 driver download links for windows operating systems. Download Mantra MFS 100 V54 driver software for windows to scan fingerprints for Aadhaar related work.

RD Service Mantra

Mantra fingerprint scanner MFS 100 with its latest RD Service and Drivers can be found on Radium Box which is the 1st and authenticate portal for Mantra RD’s new registration and for renewal. As UID Authroristy both models MFS100V54 & MIS100V2 must update with the latest Aadhaar Authentication API 2.5 After registering your device, Mantra Device registration is upgraded with Registered Device Service from public device to L0 device to use fingerprint and Iris so that you can use it further in your application.

Mantra biometric devices do not provide key-based registration; the mapping process takes place internally at OEM after registration only need to install Registered Device services as per manuals, of your biometric eKYC Device with the help of our specialised support team & OEM.

mantra driver download

When the Registered Device Service detects the public device, it will convert it into a registered device and the user will be notified again of a successful response by the Registered Device Service. 

Mantra RD Service Registration Online for MFS 100 USB Single Fingerprint Scanner device is necessary that the Registered Device service installed in the client machine must interact with Mantra’s Management Server.

MFS100 & MIS100V2 Instant Recharge Renewal (Aadhaar auth API 2.5 and E-Kyc API 2.5 compliance), MFS100 V54 & MIS100V2 Driver and MFS100 Client service (Non- Aadhaar) MFS100. OPTICAL FINGERPRINT SENSOR – STQC-certified single finger scanner MFS100 V54 is a high-quality USB fingerprint sensor for fingerprint authentication on Aadhaar Server.

mantra rd service registration

mantra rd service registration check Click Offical website