West Bengal New Education Policy 2023;Pdf Download

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west bengal education policy 2023|new education policy 2023 pdf in english|new education policy 2023 pdf|new education policy 2023 in west bengal:A marked difference in school education structure from the Centre’s recently-announced New Education Policy (NEP), 2023 and a tweaked language learning formula in schools are the highlights of the Bengal State Education Policy (SEP), 2023.The 173-page state report was notified by the Bengal government earlier this week.New Education Policy 2023 in West Bengal will require students to learn three languages, with Bengali as a priority. The second and third languages will be decided based on the population distribution and ethnicity of the area.

The Centre’s NEP proposes a 5+3+3+4 system, dividing schooling into foundational stage (five years), preparatory stage (three years), middle stage (three years) and secondary (covering grades nine to 12) stages with 12 years in total.By sharp contrast the state government accepted and notified the proposal of the committee formulating the state’s overall education policy, encapsulating both school and higher education, which vouched for the existing 5+4+2+2 pattern in school education structure.

west bengal new education policy 2023

The West Bengal Education Minister, Bratya Dasgupta, said on Tuesday that a student has the right to select their first language and that the state government would not interfere with it. Speaking to reporters, Dasgupta said that the choice of second and third language will be based on the demographic and ethnic makeup of the area.

“A student is free to choose the first language. In Kolkata, you can choose Bengali as the first language. In the Darjeeling hills, you can choose Nepali as the first language if you wish,” he said. “In certain regions of the state, a student can choose Alchiki or Rajbanshi as the first language. You can also opt for Urdu as the first language,” he added.

The present structure of school education in West Bengal follows a 5+4+2+2 pattern. Beginning with one year of pre-primary and four years of primary till Class 4, the students move through four years of upper primary, to two years of secondary and two years of higher secondary,

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New Education Policy 2023 West Bengal

The recommendations of the state education policy will be implemented in schools by the board and in colleges by the university. The West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts the class 10 final exams and the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WCCHE) conducts class 12 final exams.

According to the new West Bengal education policy, students in Classes 5-8 will be required to learn 3 languages, with the first language being Bengali. Students will be taught 2 languages at the elementary level, with the mother tongue being the first language. 

The third language could be local or regional as well as foreign languages, but the priority would be given to the Bengali language, Sanskrit language, or Hindi language. The main objective of the policy is to impart the language of Bengali to the youth of West Bengal.

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west bengal new education policy 2023; Pdf Download

New education policy 2023 pdf

The Bengal government made its own education rules instead of following the 2020 National Education Policy (NEP) from the central government. They also said ‘no’ to some parts of the NEP. They looked at advice from the empowered committee while deciding this.

Their new education plan talks about the NEP’s ideas and what Bengal thinks. They got opinions from the school and higher education departments too.Officials in the West Bengal government think having the same rules for all of India might be hard. So, on April 7, 2023, they made a group of 10 education experts. These experts will look at what places like Maharashtra and Kerala are doing about education. Then, they will write a report with different ideas for Bengal’s education rules.

The Bengal government’s decision to reject the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 and create its own education policy is rooted in various concerns that it holds. Firstly, the NEP 2020 introduces a new 5+3+3+4 structure for school education, but Bengal believes that the existing 10+2+3 system is better aligned with the state’s educational requirements.

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Additionally, the proposal for a common entrance test for undergraduate courses, as suggested by NEP 2020, raises worries in Bengal. The state government fears this could put rural students at a disadvantage and prefers a decentralized admission approach to ensure fairness for all.

The emphasis on English language learning in NEP 2020 concerns Bengal, as it believes this could sideline regional languages like Bangla. Bengal aims to promote multilingualism and safeguard the importance of its native language.