Cyclone Biparjoy Live Tracker:Route, Live Tracker And Location

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cyclone biparjoy live tracker windy|biparjoy cyclone live tracking on map|biparjoy live tracking map|cyclone biporjoy live updates|cyclone biporjoy landfall time:Cyclone Biparjoy, which means “disaster” in Bengali language is expected to make landfall in India and Pakistan today, 15 June. Powerful winds, storm surges, and lashing rains were forecast to hammer a 325-kilometer stretch of coast between Mandvi in Gujarat and Karachi in Pakistan. According to India Meteorological Department, the powerful storm is 170 km away from Jakhau Port and 201 km west of Devbhumi Dwarka as of 12:30 PM.

The storm formed over the Arabian Sea early this month, with Biparjoy being declared a severe cyclone by Oman on June 7. On June 12, the Indian Meteorological Department upgraded the storm’s level to “extremely severe”.It could become the Arabian Sea’s longest lasting cyclone, thanks to the area’s warm waters. Kyarr, the current longest, lasted nine days and 15 hours.Oman warned the public to stay away from the coast and halted marine activities before the storm began heading north-northwest towards India and Pakistan.

Cyclone Biparjoy Live Tracker

A cyclone is formed in sea temperatures of at least 27°C when warm air and low pressure converge to make a superstorm.They can cause 15-metre waves and often bring strong winds, heavy rain and storm surges that flood coastal areas.Forecasting cyclones has developed and become more accurate thanks to satellite data, complex modelling and more sensitive measuring instruments.

Why is it named Biparjoy?

Cyclones are named by countries in the regions or the tropical cyclone basins affected. Biparjoy was the name suggested by Bangladesh from the North Indian Region list.

Names are retired if the cyclone they signify is deadly or becomes well known.

When will Cyclone Biparjoy hit India and Pakistan?

The cyclone has begun to make landfall in India, bringing high winds and rain.The storm appeared to have lost some of its intensity and is expected to have a maximum sustained wind speed of 115kph to 125kph, gusting to 140kph, down from the 150kph that the IMD had estimated on Wednesday.

We have evacuated more than 75,000 persons from the eight coastal districts in Gujarat that are expected to be impacted by the cyclone,” said Kamal Dayani, additional chief secretary in Gujarat’s revenue department.Authorities in India’s western Gujarat state evacuated more than 44,000 people from coastal areas and moved them to temporary shelters on Wednesday.

Temporary thatched houses could be completely destroyed while standing crops, plantations and roads were expected to face major damage, the IMD said on Wednesday, adding that railways could also face disruption.

Karachi, a port city of 20 million people, was not under immediate threat, but emergency measures were being taken to deal with winds and rain that are expected to batter the economic centre, Pakistan’s Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman said on Wednesday.Wind and heavy rain from Biparjoy have already caused seven deaths in India.

The storm delayed the start of the monsoon season in Kerala, with cyclones sucking up moisture from the air around them.

cyclone biporjoy landfall Time

Cyclone Biparjoy is lashing India and Pakistan with heavy rainfall and flash flooding after making landfall near the Jakhua port in Gujarat.The centre of the cyclone is still 70kms away, officials from the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) said, and the process of landfall can take until midnight.

It will cross between Pakistan’s financial capital Karachi and the Mandvi city in India but its impact can be felt across large parts of southern Pakistan and western India, including Mumbai.

Both countries have evacuated over 180,000 people from low-lying areas with the impact of the cyclone expected to continue for the next two to three days.Biparjoy is this year’s first major storm threatening India and the first major disaster posing a threat to Pakistan after last year’s devastating floods killed 1,700 people.