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household support fund apply|apply for household support fund|household support fund wigan|household support fund cheshire east|dwp household support fund apply online:With the cost of living skyrocketing, many families have been unable to afford basic items like food, petrol and energy. But thousands of people in the UK are set to get a £200 direct payment into their bank account within days.The payment will be made in a bid to help with energy bills. Vulnerable households could see this payment as soon as this week as financial aid is being given out to struggling households by local councils.

The Household Support Fund was set up as a result of the Cost of Living Crisis. The scheme was announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak and comes at a time where Brits are struggling to afford food, bills and petrol costs at the pumps, as reported by Birmingham Mail.

household support fund

Brits are struggling with soaring food costs, soaring energy bills, rising National Insurance contributions and council tax bills, as well as skyrocketing prices in subscription services like Netflix and phone contracts to boot. One local authority poised to drop the cash this week is Doncaster, with the government distributing money to more councils to help with bills.

The council will pay residents £200 on July 8. Anybody with council tax reductions, housing benefit or who claims Universal Credit can apply.

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£421 million has been made available to County Councils and Unitary Authorities in England to support those most in need to help with significantly rising living costs. This funding covers the period 01 April 2022 to 30 September 2022 inclusive. Local Authorities have discretion on exactly how this funding is used within the scope set out in the accompanying grant determination and this guidance. The expectation is that it should primarily be used to support households in the most need particularly those including children and pensioners who would otherwise struggled with energy bills, food and water bills.

Energy bills may be of particular concern to low income households during the period of the scheme and Local Authorities should especially consider how they can support households with the cost of energy. It can also be used to support households with essential costs related to those items and with wider essential costs. In exceptional cases of genuine emergency it can additionally be used to support housing costs where existing housing support schemes do not meet this exceptional need.

household support fund apply online

Financial relief is on the way for thousands of people in the UK with a £200 direct payment due to go into bank accounts within days, according to Birmingham Live. Many local councils will be sending out the cash in a bid to help with rising household costs.

Named the ‘Household Support Fund’, the payment has been created as a result of the current cost of living crisis. Councils are understood to be paying the amount from Friday, July 8, 2022. The website said that one local authority poised to drop the cash this week was Doncaster.

To apply for the £200 you’ll need to be claiming a council tax reduction, housing benefit or Universal Credit. However, some councils are giving the cash out automatically.

household support fund apply

The new Household Support Fund will be distributed by councils in England to directly help those who need it most. The grant will be distributed through small payments to support vulnerable households meet daily needs such as food, clothing, and utilities.

The scheme was announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak. The statement continued: “The fund has been extended to 30 September 2022 with an additional £500 million of funding which will be used by local authorities to support vulnerable households”.

The cost of living crisis continues to hit households as rising food costs, soaring energy bills, rising National Insurance contributions and council tax bills continue to take their toll on UK salaries. Check with your local council or welfare organisation to see if you qualify for help.

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Who is eligible for the scheme

The Household Support Fund is available to support children, adults, and families.

Children and Families

Over 10,000 children and young people have already been identified by the council to receive vouchers for the May and summer holidays.

  • are in receipt of income related free school meals
  • are in receipt of early years pupil premium and two-year funding
  • are care leavers up to age 25
  • are not in education, employment or training aged 16-18
  • are young carers for their parents/carers
  • are known to domestic abuse services

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These families will receive their vouchers via schools, colleges, early years settings and by a host of support services.

More children, young people and their families have also been identified by the council who qualify for these vouchers, including those who:

  • are known to children’s social care and early help services
  • are parents/carers who are experiencing financial hardship due to being unable to work as their children are self-isolating
  • are vulnerable due to financial hardship and can be referred by a partner agency (e.g. GP, Teacher, Support Worker)

When will the Household Support Fund be paid to people?

  • Payments are being made shortly to some people who have already been given help through the Household Support Fund.
  • The money is being given out by local authorities in the form of cash, supermarket vouchers and one-off payments – depending on where in the UK you live.
  • Each council is giving out money from the fund in different ways, including the amount and who’s eligible.
  • You can check what your local council’s position is by using the government’s council finder tool.
  • Councils are expected to contact people who are eligible for the payment directly.
  • In Doncaster, South Yorkshire, the council is giving out automatic payments to those who previously got help from the fund.
  • The £200 will be paid into bank accounts by Friday 8 July, Doncaster Council has said.
  • People living in Warwickshire County Council’s district are also getting payments automatically.
  • Reading Council is giving its local pensioners energy vouchers worth £98, as well as vouchers worth £49 for families in the area to help cover similar costs.
  • Residents who don’t automatically get the money can still apply for the payment if they are struggling

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When will it be paid?

Councils are understood to be distributing the payment from 8 July.

Doncaster Council, for example, has updated its website to confirm that eligible households will receive a payment of £200 towards energy bills on Friday.

Its criteria for eligibility are as follows:

  • Working-age single people and couples with no children who are receiving local council tax reduction, housing benefit or universal credit that includes housing costs in the calculation
  • Working-age parent/guardians who have a dependent child/children in the household where the parent/guardian is receiving any of the following: local council tax reduction, housing benefit or universal credit that includes housing costs in the calculation

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household support fund apply online

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How much is household support fund UK?

Payments are worth £64 per household plus an extra £20 will be provided for each partner or spouse and each dependent child aged under 19.

How much is the household support fund in York?

York has secured more than £1 million to help people struggling to meet rising living costs. The government money goes to the City of York Council household support fund. Here are the key details: Payments will be made directly to qualifying residents who meet the criteria of the scheme

How many times can you apply for the household Support Fund?

Only one application can be made per household for these vouchers and it can be only be made by the person whose name appears on your council tax bill. If you’re successful in your application, then you’ll receive your vouchers within 10 working days.