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home for a pound scheme|first home scheme near me|house for a pound scheme:A woman has transformed a £1 house into her dream home.Maxine Sharples bid for the bargain property while she was a student at university.Liverpool City Council began its Homes for Pound Scheme to bring crumbling properties back in to use while providing people with a chance to get into the housing market.It began in 2015 while Maxine was a doing a postgraduate qualification at Liverpool John Moores University.Earlier today we published the story of Maxine Sharples and her incredible journey to transform a house she bought for just £1.

The 35-year-old yoga teacher is finally moving into her dream home in the Webster Triangle off Smithdown Road after more than two years of gruelling work, most of which she has done herself. Homes for a Pound is an innovative scheme that was launched in Liverpool in 2014 with the aim of bringing empty, dilapidated homes back into use and allowing more people to get onto the housing ladder.

Homes For a Pound Scheme

The city council had recently launched its innovative Homes for a Pound Scheme in a bid to try and bring dilapidated, empty properties back to life and offer people a new chance to get onto the housing market. The scheme allows people to buy up a run down property for just £1.

This week, Maxine finally moved into the final £1 house in the scheme. She will join a neighbourhood that, like her own new property, has been transformed. But it has been a long, exhausting process for Maxine, who has been technically homeless and living out of a campervan during the renovations.

Pound Houses UK 2023

The latest phase, which is the focus of a Channel 4 documentary aired in February 2018, sees empty terraced homes off Smithdown Road come back to life. The properties, which are two and three bedroom houses, are located in Garrick Street, Bird Street, Richardson Street and Webster Road.

In total more than 2,500 people have applied to be part of the Homes for a Pound scheme, which requires families to not sell their house for five years after buying it. 100 families have now been allocated properties and more are being lined up for a new home in a further phase.

home for a pound scheme

By removing the loft and all upstairs internal walls I created this double height open space. Add in two of Velux’s biggest sky lights and I had transformed the house in one fell swoop of the sledge hammer. Well maybe more than one, about five skips’ worth. I had £60k to renovate the house, I’ve spent £56k and there’s still about £10k worth of work to get it to the standard I’d like.”

She could not be more excited to finally be moving into the dream house that she has worked so hard for. She said: “I’ve essentially been homeless for two years, as I moved into my campervan to save money. Having underfloor heating is going to be such a luxury, triple glazed windows and a place to hang my plants once and for all. I’ve moved so many times in my life, from Liverpool at the age of six and back at the age of 18, I feel I can finally settle in a house that I brought back to life. It’s going to be pukka.”

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You must be:

  • 18 or older
  • a first-time buyer
  • able to get a mortgage for at least half the price of the home
  • buying the home as part of a household where total income is no more than £80,000 (or £90,000 if you live in London)

The local council may also set some eligibility conditions.

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For example, some councils may prioritise giving First Homes discounts to:

  • essential workers
  • people who already live in the area
  • those on lower incomes

Exemptions for armed forces and their families

You’re exempt from council conditions about being an essential worker or living in the area if you’re:

  • a member of the armed forces
  • the divorced or separated spouse or civil partner of a member of the armed forces
  • a widow or widower of a deceased member of the armed forces (if their death was caused wholly or partly by their service)
  • a veteran who left the armed forces in the last 5 years

You still need to meet other eligibility conditions.

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How to apply

Contact the developer (or estate agent if you’re buying from a previous First Homes buyer) and tell them you want to buy a First Home.

They’ll help you to complete the application, then send it to the local council.

You’ll have to pay a fee if the First Home you want to buy is a new build. The amount is set by the developer.

You’ll get the fee back if your application is unsuccessful.

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How can I get a free house in UK?

Get a DBS check.
Charity fundraisers.
Activity instructors.
Boarding school staff.
Caretaker or porter jobs.
Hotel jobs.
Live-in carer jobs.
Nanny or au-pair jobs with accommodation.

How can I buy a 1 pound house in Liverpool?

To be eligible for a £1 house applicants had to live and work in Liverpool and homes were only handed over on the condition that the buyer could bring them up to a decent standard within 12 months and not sell it on for five years.

What is affordable housing scheme UK?

The Affordable Homes Programme provides grant funding to support the capital costs of developing affordable housing for rent or sale. As the Government’s housing accelerator, Homes England will be making available £7.39 billion from April 2021 to deliver up to 130,000 affordable homes by March 2026 – outside of London.