Jalyukt Shivar Scheme|importance of jalyukt shivar

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which is not purpose of jalyukt shivar yojana scheme|jalyukt shivar project pdf|jalyukt shivar yojana maharashtra|jalyukt shivar yojana in english:In the first cabinet meeting since taking oath as deputy chief minister of the state, Devendra Fadnavis directed the state administration to revive the Jalyukt Shivar scheme.The water conservation scheme which was started in the BJP government under Fadnavis was wound up by the Uddhav Thackeray-led MVA government.

In the cabinet meeting a few issues were discussed and one of them was to revive the Jalyukt Shivar scheme. Fadnavis has directed the administration to bring a proposal to re-start the scheme,” said an official. Right after Sena rebel Eknath Shinde being sworn in as the CM and Fadnavis as the DCM, the duo reached Mantralaya to hold their first cabinet meeting.”We are making a new start and we would like to expedite developments works for the benefit of the people,”said Shinde while speaking to the bureaucrats at the cabinet meeting.

What is Jalyukta Shivar?

Launched in December 2014 after Maharashtra experienced consecutive droughts, the project aimed at rolling out measures that could potentially mitigate water scarcity in the most drought-prone villages in a systematic manner. Nearly 52 per cent of the state’s geographical area is prone to drought, either naturally or due to poor rainfall. This includes Marathwada and adjoining areas of Madhya Maharashtra and large parts of Vidarbha. The project targeted strengthening and streamlining existing water resources like canals, bunds and ponds by arresting maximum run-off rainwater during monsoon.

Tasks to widen and deepen natural water streams and connect them to nearby water storage facilities like earthern or concrete check-dams was proposed. In the first phase, planned during 2015 – 2019, Jalyukta Shivar envisaged to make 5,000 villages drought-free, every year. During its proposed tenure, the government eyed at making 25,000 drought-prone villages water-sufficient.

Analyzing Jalyukt Shivar yojana scheme

Water is one of the most important resources needed for the existence of living beings. Water is vital for economic and agricultural development. In Maharashtra state, nearly 82% area of the state falls in Rain-fed sector and 50% area is drought prone, uncertain, insufficient and irregular rainfall pattern adversely affects Agriculture. Drought occurs frequently resulting shortage of water for drinking and irrigation.

Because of a lack of available water for various domestic and commercial purposes, there have been never-ending problems in the state of Maharashtra. The lack of water has led to poor agricultural produce which has been one of the leading reasons for such high rates of farmers suicides in Maharashtra. As much as 79.5% of India’s farmland relies on flooding during monsoon season, so inadequate rainfall can cause droughts, making crop failure more common

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Main objectives of the scheme

1. To arrest Maximum runoff in the Village area

2. To create decentralized water bodies

3. To increase the groundwater level in Drought-prone areas

4. To encourage people to Tree Plantation

5. To create new structures of Water conservation in the State

6. To create awareness and encourage People for efficient use of water for farming

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The scope of the scheme

1. To revive the entire available water source in the state and conserve every drop of water. This would generate thousands of jobs across the state and employed in various works under this scheme.

2. While the first two phases were for villages in the districts where the drought situation is critical, the third will focus on those under the shadow of drought. In the 14 districts in which maximum farmers’ suicides have been reported, officials have been asked to submit a list of works to be taken up in the third phase. The state government wants to ensure that every village in these 14 districts becomes water neutral.

Funding for the scheme

1. Initially, the government allocated 1,000 crores for this scheme

2. The total funds allocated to this scheme is 70,000 crores as of now

3. The Maharashtra state government has been getting funds from both governmental and non-governmental organizations

4. Private companies have been providing funds for this scheme through their CSR initiatives

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Jalyukt Shivar Yojana is one of the most popular developmental programmes of Maharashtra state. It has definitely improved the conditions of the drought-prone regions of the state but it has the potential of doing way more. It needs adjustments here and there with efficient management of allocated funds. In case the drawbacks can be resolved sooner then the scheme can make the water scarcity of the state a story of the past.


1. Interactions and coordination between departments should be at the priority now. The delay in the various works of the scheme is backed by the lack of coordination between the various concerned departments

2. Groundwater modelling should be done with the help of further research about the topography

3. Soil conservation should become a key concern