NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal|NELS Registration Process

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nesl authentication|nesl login|e-UDBHAVAM Portal Scheme|NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal 2022|NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal Registration:A new government portal is all set to ease the process of getting notary services for various documentation purposes including agreements and contracts. e-UDBHAVAM is the online portal from the new National E-Governance Services Ltd (NeSL) administrative office in Bengaluru.NeSL is India’s first Information Utility and is registered with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) under the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC). R Ashoka, Minister, Revenue Department, Government of Karnataka, launched the portal on April 25th, 2022

.One needs notary services for various documents, which can be a hassle to obtain considering only certain entities are allowed to notarise – notary, magistrates, gazetted officers, etc. It also involves additional fees which a notary or the magistrate may demand. In order to ease the process, NeSL has launched e-UDBHAVAM, an online portal which enables citizens and businesses to execute non-registrable agreements and documents in Karnataka.


The primary objective or goal of the NESL e-UDBHAVAM portal is to make it simpler and more convenient to sign, verify, and execute papers all in one location relating to any documentation or agreements that are required in business. Many people have lost businesses with parties just because of tensions in the agreement and also due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. So, clearing the path of such hassles is provided by the NESL e-UDBHAVAM portal.

NELS Registration Process

Name of the schemeNESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal
launched byR Ashoka, Minister, Income Division, Authorities of Karnataka
Launch DateApril twenty fifth, 2022.
BeneficiariesResidents of Karnataka
Official Website


It allows the entire document execution journey to be completed in a presence-less and paper-less mode. This includes the upload of the document/agreement to be executed, payment of stamp duty and affixing of digital e-stamp certificate on the document, e-sign using Aadhaar or dongle-based e-sign, as well as digital storage of and access to the executed document.

PM Kisan eKYC Update 2022

The e-UDBHAVAM portal enables the execution of agreements/documents by and between citizens,
citizens and businesses, and by and between businesses. The workflow of the portal as well as the
digitally executed document generated and stored using it is legally well supported by the provisions of the Karnataka Stamp Act, 1957, the IT Act, 2000 and the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.

PM Vani Yojana

NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal Important documents

In order to register all personals must have important documents to proceed to registration of NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal 

  • Important Documents
  • Mobile number 
  • E-mail ID 
  • PAN/EPIC information
  • Aadhaar
  • The agreement’s financial value is the amount of stamp duty due.

Aatm Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyan Yojana

NESL e-UDBHAVAM Portal Registration

Registration is open to both individuals and entities. In the case of entities, registration will have to be carried out by the authorised signatory on the NeSL portal. Individual users can register on the e-UDBHAVAM portal in four steps.

Step 1: Enter the basic details

New user registration landing page
e-UDBHAVAM New User Registration page. Pic:

Note: Either PAN or Voter ID can be used as KYC ID. The next step of authentication will link this id to Aadhaar.

Step 2: Perform KYC with Aadhaar

KYC page
Perform KYC using Aadhaar, both offline and e-Aadhaar. Pic: NESL website

Step 3: Facial authentication transaction to validate the identity using Live Photo Capture

Step 4: Confirm the KYC details and submit.

Steps to activate the account
Activation details. Pic: NESL website

The other party (if an individual) must also register similarly, following the above steps in the portal.

2. Document upload and payment of stamp duty:

Step 1: Log in to the e-UDBHAVAM portal and upload the agreement
to be executed by clicking on the “Execute New Agreement” tab

Login details. Pic: NESL website
Execute new/view agreements
New Agreement selection page. Pic: NESL website

Step 2: Select the state of execution of the agreement

Only Karnataka is listed
Select your state. Pic: NESL website

Step 3: Select the type of document to be executed from the list above,
enter other details for execution and upload the document in pdf format
(Agreement size not more than 5 MB) and click on save:

upload documents and add details of other parties
Agreement details. Pic: NESL website
  • On confirmation of agreement details, click on confirm and proceed
  • Proceed to add other party details using PAN (username will be displayed) and click on submit.
Once both party details are uploaded
Successful upload of Agreement documents. Pic: NESL website
  • Both the party details will be displayed, preview the agreement details and the first party will proceed for payment of stamp duty through the payment gateway.
  • First Party will authorise NeSL to obtain an e-Stamp from Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (“SHCIL”) by paying the required amount of stamp duty.
  • The required stamp duty applicable is as per the requirement of the article under which it is executed, as per the Stamp Act applicable to the concerned state government.
Total Charges including NeSl, GST, etc
Total charges for Stamp duty. Pic: NESL website

The e-UDBHAVAM portal enables digital payment of Stamp Duty charges by using the payment gateway in the digital e-Stamping ecosystem of NeST for any non-registrable agreement or contract that pertains to financial credit (lender and borrowers) or operational credit (supplier and buyer) or any other parties to the contract.

Stamp duty transaction details
Transaction details. Pic: NESL website

On obtaining an e-stamp (with a unique identification number), it will be affixed to the agreement as the first page and other pages of the document will be combined and made as one single document and presented to the executor as a single document.

3. Executing the agreement using Digital Signature/e-sign

  • On completion of stamp duty payment, proceed to e-sign.
e-Stamp Indian Non Judicial
Government of Karnataka e-Stamp. Pic: NESL website
  • The NeSL platform will notify the first party to sign the document and then notify the second/third party, in the order, to sign by using the e-sign functionality/or e-sign of Aadhaar/biometric signature from the safety of their offices or homes without requiring any physical interaction with each other or with any authority.
  • Digitally sign the document with Aadhaar-based OTP/Biometric signature on the CDAC site (directed by NeSL) or Digital Signature Certificates (DSC).
E-sign consent option OTP, Biometric, e-Token
E-sign consent options. Pic: NESL website

For example, by clicking on the OTP-based e-sign, the document can be signed using Aadhaar OTP authentication. The parties will be directed to the CDAC platform for Aadhar-based e-sign based on two-factor verification OTP/biometric parameters. Digital signature and document will be affixed with e-sign on all the pages.