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the terminal list review|chris pratt the terminal list|the terminal list movie|the terminal list release date and time|the terminal list release time:Chris Pratt’s hands have been full lately. The actor is fresh off the release of Jurassic World Dominion and is now preparing for the release of Thor: Love and Thunder. While it isn’t his film quintessentially, fans are looking forward to watching him reprise his Guardians of the Galaxy role. In between these two releases, Pratt slipped in on the small screen with the Amazon Prime Video series The Terminal List and it isn’t one of his best works.

In The Terminal List, Pratt essays the role of James Reece, a Navy SEAL who is the lone survivor of a failed mission. Struggling to come to terms with the ambush on the mission, he returns home and finds out that one of his close associates has died in a strange condition. Just as he gets entangled in his mysterious death, another jolt hits him and he loses his family. It is then he unravels a bigger conspiracy in the making.

the terminal list review

Yet another bloated Prime Video series dedicated to pleasing dads and nobody else, The Terminal List is a little too eager to alienate star Chris Pratt’s younger-skewing Marvel fanbase as it settles into its dense Kindle potboiler plot. It’s part conspiracy thriller and part Hitchcockian drama; a show that definitely has points to make, but takes too long to make them.

Pratt plays James Reece, a Navy SEAL whose entire squad is caught in a deadly ambush in the show’s action-packed opening episode. He survives, but notices that his memory of the doomed operation is very fuzzy. When he discovers that other surviving members of his squad are suddenly dropping dead, he is led to believe that they were all a part of a conspiracy that they weren’t meant to walk away from.

The Terminal List

The Terminal List Cast: Chris Pratt, Constance Wu

The Terminal List Creator: David Digilio (Jack Carr novel)

The Terminal List Stars: 2/5 

chris pratt the terminal list

Chris Pratt stars in Amazon Prime’s latest offering, the action-packed series, The Terminal List and this is among the actor’s newest roles after Tomorrow War and Jurassic World franchise that stars him as a defence guy. It seems the actor himself is keen to present himself as the face of the American hero, the combat man who can take on any enemy be it species like dinosaurs or creatures from another planet, although with this series, the actor pretty much settles to fight against a system that not only wrongs him but also his fellow men from the platoon. He’s a Navy Seal looking for redemption and he’s not just armed with guns but also a deadly list, the Terminal list

If you found my mention of the ‘Terminal List’ a tad dramatic, well then strap on with your seatbelts because Pratt’s new show makes that drama feel double its volume as it combines what could have easily been a mediocre two and half-hour film into an eight-episode series that drudges for far longer than expected. Based on Jack Carr’s 2018 novel by the same name, the series comes across a missed opportunity on building up a tight show that could explore post-war PTSD and a revenge drama genre in an engaging manner. Instead what we get is a half-baked attempt that focuses more on Pratt’s James Reece doling out mindless violence. 

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the terminal list release time

WHAT TIME WILL THE TERMINAL LIST BE ON AMAZON? New episodes of Prime Video shows tend to drop on the streaming service at 12:00 a.m. GMT, which means you’ll most likely be able to watch The Terminal List as early as 8:00 p.m. ET (5:00 p.m. PT) on Thursday, June 30.

How to watch The Terminal List in the US

In the U.S., viewers can watch The Terminal List on Friday (July 1) on Amazon Prime Video(opens in new tab).

All of its eight episodes should arrive at 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT, if not slightly earlier. We’ve noticed episodes of The Boys season 3 have been arriving earlier than anticipated, for example.

The Terminal List is an Amazon Prime Video original. The streaming service comes with a Prime subscription, which you can sample with a a one-month free trial. Prime Video’s library includes original movies and series, like The Boys, Wheel of Time and Underground Railroad.

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The Terminal List cast

Chris Pratt leads the series as James Reece, a Navy SEAL whose platoon is ambushed on a big mission. He then discovers that his life (and his family’s as well) is at stake, as powerful forces are working against him.

  • Constance Wu as Katie Buranek
  • Taylor Kitsch as Ben Edwards
  • Jeanne Tripplehorn as Lorraine Hartley
  • Riley Keough as Lauren Reece
  • Arlo Mertz as Lucy Reece
  • Patrick Schwarzenegger
  • LaMonica Garrett as Commander Fox
  • Jai Courtney as Steven Horn
  • JD Pardo as Tony Liddel

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The Terminal List reviews 

Not many reviews have hit the net for The Terminal List, as evidenced by the fact that its Rotten Tomatoes score of 80%(opens in new tab) is only based on 5 reviews at the time of publishing.

Dave Nemetz, for TVLine(opens in new tab), declared that The Terminal List “is terminally bad,” and “punishingly grim and hopelessly boneheaded.” Even worse, he notes the show is “woefully short on actual thrills,” and that its “dialogue is generic.”

Liam Mathews, over at TV Guide(opens in new tab), disagrees, writing that the series has “thrilling action scenes” as well as “good performances and dialogue.” And this contrast in reviews makes us wonder if this show is being graded on a sliding scale.

Is The Terminal List out?

The Terminal List” premieres on Prime Video on July 1.

Is The Terminal List true?

Is ‘Terminal List’ a true story? While Terminal List’s storyline features many realistic elements, from life-like characters, to seemingly authentic plot lines, it turns out Jack Carr’s novel is not based on a true story, by any means.

Who is horn in the terminal list?

Steven Horn is a character from The Terminal List, an American web television series starring Chris Pratt based on the novel of the same name by Jack Car. The character is portrayed by Jai Courtney. Jai Courtney is an Australian actor and model. He is known for giving a tough competition in dressing up formal.