Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 Voting Results Today Live

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bigg boss tamil season 7 voting poll|bigg boss tamil season 7 voting results|bigg boss tamil season 7 voting results today live:After the phenomenal success of previous seasons of Bigg Boss Tamil, the makers have finally come with the seventh season of the popular reality show. Hosted by Kamal Haasan, Bigg Boss Tamil 7 was launched in a grand way wherein 18 celebs were seen making their way inside the Bigg Boss house. Each contestant has come to the show to leave a mark on the audience.

The predictions and the expectations across social media turned true as Rathika was eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 7. She has become the fourth contestant to get eliminated in this Bigg Boss Telugu season 7.Rathika’s game came under the audience scanner over the past two weeks. Her association with Pallavi Prashanth and Prince Yawar has become the talk of the BB House among the audience.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 Voting Result

It’s been just 2 days since Bigg Boss Tamil 7 went on air. The new season of the popular reality show, which is being hosted by Kamal Haasan, has not just come with an impressive ensemble of contestants but is also coming up with interesting twists and surprises for the audience and the participants. For the uninitiated, 18 contestants have participated in Bigg Boss Tamil 7.

And while Bigg Boss Tamil 7 has been making headlines since its premiere, the show came with a surprising twist wherein the popular reality show witnessed its first round of nomination in the first week itself. Interestingly, 7 contestants were nominated for elimination on Bigg Boss Tamil 7 which include Bava Chelathurai, Aishu, Ananya Rao, Raveena Daha, Yugendaran, Pradeep Anthony and Jovika Vijayakumar.

Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Vote Results Percentage (Week 4)

  1. Pradeep – 28.2% (3,132 votes)
  2. Nixen – 11.88% (1,319 votes)
  3. Manichandra – 11.36% (1,261 votes)
  4. Vishnu – 8.49% (943 votes)
  5. Jovika – 7.97% (885 votes)
  6. Vickram – 5.87% (652 votes)
  7. Yugendran – 5.73% (636 votes)
  8. Maya – 5.6% (622 votes)
  9. Cool Suresh – 5.16% (573 votes)
  10. Vinusha – 4.98% (553 votes)
  11. Akshaya – 4.76% (529 votes)

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 Voting Poll

Ever since the nominations have been announced, there have been speculations about who will be the first contestant to get eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 7. Amid the speculations, it is reported that the popular reality show will be witnessing a double elimination in the first week itself. As per the recent voting results, Raveena Daha has been winning the maximum votes among all the nominated contestants.

Interestingly, two contestants have been receiving the least support among the nominated contestants. These happen to be Pradeep Anthony and Yugendran who are struggling at 7.04% votes. With speculations of double elimination, we wonder if both Yugendran and Pradeep will be eliminated in the first week.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Live Status

Bigg Boss Tamil Eviction results will be released on Sunday Episode by Kamal Hassan, however since the Shooting gets over by Saturday, we can expect the eviction results to be leaked even before the show gets telecasted.  Vijay Television will be displaying the Live Vote count of individual contestants who are in the Bigg Boss Tamil Final. The Bigg Boss Tamil vote counts will be displayed at regular intervals on Vijay TV in a small box at the bottom. As of now, voting for Elimination has not started. Bookmark us to be updated. Bigg boss Tamil vote result decides the eviction each week and it is ultimately the audience’s decision based on the contestant’s performance.

Bigg Boss Telugu Eviction

According to our sources, Ashwini Sree is in the danger zone. Mostly, she will get evicted from the show.

Over the past five weeks, only female contestants have been evicted from the house right from Kiran Rathore to Subbu Sree and Shakeela.

Probably, the show organisers might skip elimination this week. Yes, there will be no elimination in Bigg Boss Telugu 7.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Vote Missed Call Numbers & Status

There were 18 Contestants in the 7th Season of the BB7Tamil. In twitter #BiggBossTami l7 #Bigg Boss7Tamil #BiggBoss Tamil Bigg boss 7 Tamil Updates are the tags which will be Trending across Social Media.

SL. NoContestantMissed Call Number
1Cool Suresh Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
2Poornima Ravi Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
3Raveena Daha Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
4Pradeep Antony Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
5Nixen Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
6Vinusha Devi Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
7Manichandra Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
8Akshaya Udaya Kumar Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
9Jovika Vijay Kumar Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
10Aishu Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
11Vishnu Vijay Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
12Maya S Krishanan Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
13Saravana Vickram Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
14Yugendran Vasudevan Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
15Vichithra Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
16Writer Bava Chelladurai Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
17Ananya Rao Missed Call NumberTo be Updated
18Vijay Varma Missed Call NumberTo be Updated

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Online Voting Result

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 Elimination List Today

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote aka Bigg Boss 7 Tamil Vote for Bigg Boss Season 7 has started and people can vote either through the online voting poll or through missed call service or through the Hotstar App. The complete details regarding Bigg Boss Tamil Vote can be found below. This will be the sixth year for Bigg Boss Tamil. 1 vote per day per Hotstar ID will be available, which the audience can use to vote for their favourite. Kamal Hassan, the Host of Bigg Boss Tamil 7 will announce the eliminated contestant based on the vote percentage received. However, the final decision will be in the hands of Star Vijay Management. The Bigg Boss 7 Tamil elimination list for this week can be seen below and the elimination happens every weekend.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Voting Eviction Process: Each week the housemates will nominate the candidates for elimination. One person can nominate 2 participants, and later the public will vote from the nomination list available online. The person with the least number of votes or with the lowest vote percentage will be eliminated. You can also Vote for Big Boss Tamil 7 here but the votes cast here will not be added to the official count. Bigg Boss Tamil season 7 can be watched online at Hotstar (Official Broadcaster). The complete details of the Bigg Boss Tamil vote process are as follows.