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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 will debut its seventh season today, September 3. Nagarjuna Akkineni is the host of Bigg Boss Telugu, which has a devoted following that patiently waits almost a year for each new season. Given that the house will be divided into two, Bigg Boss Telugu’s upcoming season is anticipated to be entirely different from its predecessors. The names of the purported candidates are only one of the many fascinating developments that viewers will be keen to learn about the programme. 

According to rumours, this year’s Bigg Boss would feature Mahesh Achant, Amardeep Chowdry, Farzana, Shakeela, Jabardast Mahesh, Kiran Rathod, Aata Sandeep, Shobha Shetty, Vishnu Priya, Gautham Krishna, Bhole Shavali, Pratysha, and Damini Bhatla. However, there are chances that none of the aforementioned contestants may be on Bigg Boss this season; instead, some surprise contestants could very possibly take their place. 

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Online Voting Result

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Vote is available on this Bigg Boss Telugu Vote & Voting Percentage website. Save your favorite Telugu bigg boss season 7 contestant from elimination by voting in the Bigg Boss Telugu nomination poll. The Big Boss Telugu Season 7 Voting Results and Voting Survey is now online.Here we have brought you all the details about Bigg Boss Telugu Vote online today and the results. Many viewers are eager to know how the voting Process takes Place and so we are presenting you each and every piece of information relating to voting.

Bigg Boss 6 Telugu Voting Poll Status will be updated from time to time. Details of how many votes got to each contestant will be shown in the number of votes and percentage of votes clearly. Voting done through HotstarOnline Voting, and Missed calls to the numbers given by Star Maa will only be counted.

Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Online Voting Result

Show NameBigg Boss 7 Telugu
Hosted byNagarjuna
Number of Housemates21
Timing10:00 PM to 11:00 PM
No of Days106 Days
Streaming PartnersDisney Plus Hotstar
Watch onStar Maa
GenreReality Show
Release Date3th September 2023

bigg boss 7 telugu voting results today live

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting results are here for the viewers to vote for their favorite contestants. Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Voting results of each contestant are shown in the voting poll status. Click on your favorite contestant whom you want to save from the eliminations. We explained clearly how to vote Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6 Contestants through Hotstar app. Please note that our bigg boss telugu vote poll is unofficial. Only Votes from Hotstar app are official and considered by bigg boss team.

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Contestants 2023 List

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Week 4 Voting Results Percentages

  1. Prince Yawar – 25.62% (11,280 Votes)
  2. Subhashree – 18.19% (8,007 Votes)
  3. Teja – 17.67% (7,780 Votes)
  4. Gautham Krishna – 16.05% (7,067 Votes)
  5. Priyanka – 12.56% (5,532 Votes)
  6. Rathika – 9.91% (4,361 Votes)

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Week 2 Voting Results Percentages

  1. Pallavi Prashanth – 43.36% (26,767 Votes)
  2. Amardeep – 18.30% (11,298 Votes)
  3. Sivaji – 14.17% (8,745 Votes)
  4. Rathika Rose – 7.32% (4,518 Votes)
  5. Tasty Teja – 4.98% (3,077 Votes)
  6. Prince Yawar– 3.50% (2,159 Votes)
  7. Gautham Krishna – 3.36% (2,072 Votes)
  8. Shobha Shetty– 2.70% (1,668 Votes)
  9. Shakila – 2.31% (1,427 Votes)

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Week 1 Voting Results Percentages

  1. Pallavi Prashanth – 34.22% (18,037 Votes)
  2. Rathika Rose – 24.14% (12,726 Votes)
  3. Gautham Krishna – 12.17% (6,417 Votes)
  4. Shobha Shetty– 11.08% (5,842 Votes)
  5. Shakila – 6.48% (3,414 Votes)
  6. Damini– 4.80% (2,529 Votes)
  7. Prince Yawar– 4.77% (2,514 Votes)
  8. Kiran Rathore– 2.34% (1,235 Votes)

Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Missed Call Numbers

1Priyanka Jain Missed Call Number7288877601
2Sivaji Missed Call Number7288877602
3Damini Missed Call Number7288877603
4Prince Yawar Missed Call Number7288877604
5Subhashree Missed Call Number7288877605
6Shakila Missed Call Number7288877606
7Aata Sandeep Missed Call Number7288877607
8Shobha Shetty Missed Call Number7288877608
9Tasty Teja Missed Call Number7288877609
10Rathika Rose Missed Call Number7288877610
11Goutham Krishna Missed Call Number7288877621
12Kiran Rathore Missed Call Number7288877611
13Pallavi Prashanth Missed Call Number7288877612
14Amardeep Missed Call Number7288877613

How to Vote for Bigg Boss 7 Telugu on Disney+ Hotstar?

  • First of all, Download HotStar App from Google Play Store
  • Install Hotstar App on your device or visit
  • Create a new Account or can log in with your existing one in the Hot star App
  • Go to the Search bar and type, “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote“, “Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Voting“, “Bigg Boss Telugu voting” or “Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Vote“search.
  • You will see the Bigg Boss 7 Telugu Vote Banner on the screen.
  • Click on the Vote option and Nominated Contestants with Photo and Name will be displayed on the screen.
  • Choose your favourite Contestant and vote for him/her.

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