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jaladhare scheme:Karnataka is set to launch its own water campaign ahead of the 2023 elections. Janata Jaladhare march is aimed at highlighting ‘injustice’ meted out to Karnataka by the Centre in implementing various irrigation projects.Janata Dal (Secular) is set to launch a march for drinking water in Karnataka from April 16. The ‘Janata Jaladhare’ march will be organised to highlight the failure of the state government in tapping into various water resources.JD(S) leaders, MLAs and ex-ministers will be part of rallies in several districts. A modified vehicle will travel to several river water sources in the state under the campaign.

The Government of Karnataka had launched a major water conservation scheme titled ‘Jalamrutha’, which focused on drought-proofing measures, including protection and rejuvenation of water bodies.
The government of Karnataka has launched the water conservation scheme Jalamrutha. The scheme focuses on drought-proofing measures, including protection and rejuvenation of water bodies.

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jaladhare scheme karnataka

The scheme will be implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj of Karnataka.Under the scheme, scientific approaches will be deployed for water budgeting, water harvesting and water conservation through the use of geospatial data, satellite imagery, topographical and geological data.The scheme is community drive and will be implemented by key line departments of the government, Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and private sector institutions.

The water conservation strategy under the scheme comprises of four components viz. water literacy, rejuvenation of waterbodies, creation of new waterbodies as well as the development of watersheds and afforestation activities.The scheme will operate on a four-tier institutional structure with planning and execution committees being set up at village, taluk, district and State levels.A State-level committee headed by the Chief Minister will be established for strategic monitoring, convergence, policy and programmatic guidance and the committee will design water conservation strategies for the State in consultation with all stakeholders.

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jaladhare scheme

Water is vital for all living beings and the sustainability of a state depends on proper maintenance of its water resources. With a growing population, the demand and supply of water keeps changing rapidly. Karnataka faces severe droughts due to climate change and changing rainfall patterns. The depletion of groundwater and surface water also adds to the water scarcity of our state.

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Karnataka is the second most drought prone region of India after Rajasthan. Rainfall patterns play an important role in regulating the surface and ground water resources. Karnataka receives erratic rainfall which is unevenly distributed. About two-thirds of the geographical area of the state receives less than 750 mm of rainfall. The average annual rainfall is around 1,138 mm, received over 55 rainy days. It varies from as low as 569 mm in the east to as high as 4,029 mm in the west. The state has seven major river basins with the availability of 3475.2 TMC of water, of which only 1690.30 TMC i.e., only 50% of water gets used for the developmental purposes.