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tik tok this post is age protected|post unavailable age protected tiktok|how to change your age on tiktok|this post is age protected tiktok|post unavailable age protected tiktok:Certain TikTok videos are now being blocked from viewing with a splash screen proclaiming that the post is age-protected, which might seem like a bug at first, but is actually a new feature that aims to protect the platform’s young audience from being exposed to content deemed unfit for their age. The platform started testing the aforesaid feature back in February, which essentially categorizes content in a similar fashion as movies and video games which are rated depending on the level of mature content they contain.

The idea is to create an internal video classification system that will sort out videos based on how suitable they are for young users, particularly those in the 13-17 years age group. Instagram has a similar system that lets users adjust the content sensitivity level that appears in their feed. TikTok is following in the footsteps of its arch-rival with a similar tweak, which at first, might appear to be a glitch.

tik tok age protected

TikTok is a social media platform where people create short videos for entertainment. TikTok has new trends every day which makes it fun for consumers of the content. Recently lots of user getting error on some videos of Post Unavailable This Post Is Age Protected when they trying to views videos on TikTok.Age protected means TikTok limits content that is inappropriate for below certain age.

On TikTok, there some videos which are based on age. Like If user below 18, he might get post unavailable this post is age protected error for some videos.If you are getting age protected page then you have set your age below 13 or you have enabled restricted mode on TikTok app.Even while TikTokers under the age of 18 are free to use the app, they can’t access specific videos on TikTok.

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 TikTok have an age restriction?

As of this writing, users have to be at least 13 years old to use TikTok. Although TikTokers under the age of 18 are free to browse the app, there’s some content they can’t access. Recently, the app implemented a long list of privacy settings designed to protect LilTokers from viewing videos that could be deemed inappropriate.

But plenty of users who are actually over the age of 18 are also having trouble viewing age-protected content on TikTok. Read on to learn how to fix it.

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TikTok ‘This Content is Age-Restricted’ Error

However, TikTok is not all about viral videos and endless scrolling, it also comes with its fair share of errors and bugs.One of the latest errors on the video-sharing platform is pretty annoying to most users as it completely prevents them from watching a video.

Instead of auto-playing the video, a message prompt will then block it saying that “this content is age-restricted,” preventing the user from viewing it even if they are no longer under-aged.Experiencing such an issue could be infuriating to some as it stops them from watching videos on the platform, leaving them with a message that the content is unavailable due to age restrictions.

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How to fix “this post is age-protected” error on TikTok

If you’re above the age of eighteen, fixing this error may simply just be a case of adjusting your settings in the TikTok app.

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  1. Open TikTok.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Click the three lines in the top right, and then go into ‘Settings and privacy.’
  4. Scroll down to ‘Digital wellbeing’ and click on it.
  5. Go into the ‘Restricted mode’ section and turn it off.

Another reason you may be receiving this error message is that your age is not correct on the app. You can contact TikTok customer support to help resolve the issue, as it’s not possible to change your age from within the app.

Why does my TikTok say age restricted?

Go to the Settings and Privacy section. Check the “Digital Wellbeing” area for “Restricted Mode” and ensure that it’s “Off.” Check the “Family Pairing” section and make sure there are no restrictions enabled.

How do I turn off age restricted mode on TikTok?

If you want to disable restricted mode, do as follows:
Open TikTok.
Go to your profile page.
Tap the three lines at the top.
Scroll down, and click ‘Digital wellbeing. ‘
Select ‘Restricted mode,’ and use a passcode to turn it off.

How do I turn off sensitive content warning on TikTok?

On TikTok, sensitive content is blurred out on the For You feed, and you have the option to tap Skip the video or Watch it anyway to proceed. Currently, TikTok does not give the ability to opt out of this setting

How do I turn off content filter on TikTok?

To remove the filter, open the TikTok app, tap on the Drafts> Filters > Undo icon to remove filters.