Balapur Laddu Auction List:Hyderabad Balapur Laddu Price List

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Highest Laddu Auction in Hyderabad 2023|balapur laddu auction history|Hyderabad Balapur Ganesh Laddu Auction 2023:The Balapaur ganesh laddu was auctioned for Rs 27 lakh on Thursday, September 28, ahead of the immersion, in front of the gigantic Ganesh idol installed at Balapur village of Balapur mandal in Rangareddy district of Telangana. It is located five kilometers away from Chandrayangutta in south Hyderabad.

The ganesh laddu was bought by Dasari Dayanand Reddy.The Ganesh laddu auction attracts huge crowds from across the city and nationwide media personnel who come to Balapur to cover the event that has been taking place for at least three decades.

balapur laddu auction list

The Balapur Ganesh Laddu, a significant emblem of faith and ritual, was auctioned for an unprecedented 1.26 crore rupees at Richmond Villas, Suncity, Hyderabad this year. This is a record-breaking sum, with the previous record being 24 lakh rupees.Everyone was eagerly waiting for the famous ‘Laddu’ prasad auction with the commencement of Ganesh Nimajjanam processions in Hyderabad. In 2021, this sweet treat was sold for a staggering 18.90 lakh rupees.

It’s impressive to note that the initial auction value of this laddu in 1994 was just 450 rupees. Those who take part believe obtaining the coveted Laddu Prasad will bring them luck.This year’s Balapur Ganesh idol featured a distinctive design of the deity seated on Panchmukhi Nagendra, showing animated eyes and ears. The decorative scheme for the pandal was based on the Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple.

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balapur laddu price list

The popular Ganesh laddu of Hyderabad was sold at an all-time record price of Rs 27 lakh this year. The laddu was won by Dasari Dayanand Reddy, a resident of Hyderabad.In 2022, the laddu fetched Rs 24.60 lakh and this year, the Balapur laddu fetched Rs 2.40 lakh, additionally.A total of 36 bidders took part in the open auction held at the middle of the Balapur, where thousands of people witnessed the auction. The Balapur Ganesh Utsav Samithi has been conducting annual laddu

Notably, the Balapur Ganesh idol for this year took on a unique design, featuring a sitting posture atop Panchmukhi Nagendra (five-headed) with animated eyes and ears. The pandal was adorned with a theme inspired by the Vijayawada Kanaka Durga temple.

Although only 25 individuals who have successfully bid for the laddu since its inception in 1994 were eligible to participate, this year has seen the addition of five new participants, including non-locals, who have enrolled for the auction, according to a report by Telangana Today.

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highest laddu auction in hyderabad 2023

The iconic ‘Balapur Ganesh laddu’ of Hyderabad has ceded its title as the most expensive laddu, as the Ganesh laddu from Keerthi Richmond Villas of Bandlaguda in Telangana has set a new record by fetching a record ₹1.26 crore in the auction held on September 28. This price is said to be the highest ever recorded in the Telugu States.

Sources say that the residents of Keerthi Richmond Villas collectively purchased the laddu in a joint effort. This turn of events surpasses last year’s auction where the Bandlaguda laddu fetched ₹60.08 lakh, outdoing the Balapur laddu, which was auctioned at ₹24.60 lakh.

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