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geo tagging of msme using bharat map service of govt. of india|geo tagging of msme registration|bharat map service/admin boundary district:Delhi, the capital of India, is the second most populated city in the country. It is officially called the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT). The city is the largest commercial center in the northern part of India. It shares its border with Uttar Pradesh on the east, and on the north, west, & south by Haryana, considered as the heart of the nation. The city is famous for its enriched culture and heritage. Delhi has a store of some beautiful and mesmerizing monuments to explore. From the carvings of Mughal rulers to astounding Islamic architecture, Delhi never misses an opportunity of leaving an everlasting impression on the minds of its visitors.

Are you facing issues with the geo-tagging functionality of the MSME Bharat Map service provided by the Government of India? Find solutions and get assistance to resolve the problem with the non-functioning geo-tagging feature.Geo-tagging of MSMEs refers to the process of associating geographical coordinates or location information with Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). It involves tagging or marking the physical location of these enterprises on a map or using GPS coordinates.

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Bharat Map Service Registration

National Centre of Geo-informatics (NCoG) under Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (Government of India) is a single source Geographic Information System (GIS) platform for sharing, collaboration, location-based analytics and decision support system, catering to Central and State Ministries / Departments / Agencies across the country. Under this project location-based datasets such as data related to central government land banks, mining, forests, industrial parks, water resources etc. are collated with attribute related data to bring out insights that are useful to support decision making. User departments can now pinpoint its operations, assets on a map and plan better. NCoG has provided mobile applications for geo-tagging and creating evidence of completed operations under the Government schemes.

Bharat maps services Platform aims to provide access to GIS data as a service to various Mission mode projects and e-gov divisions of NIC at Central and State level.

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geo tagging of msme using bharat map service of govt. of india

The Geographic Information System use computer aided mapping and analyses existing events happening on the earth. GIS is a technology that desegregates database operations like interrogation and statistical analysis with unparalleled visual imaging and geographical analysis extended by maps.

The GIS in India works on bulk data transitions and digital computation, creation of digital ground survey maps to site mapping, analysis and providing custom made presentations based on survey data of an area. The dimensions of maps differ for each sector, resource, element and function. With the gathering and transformation of the collected data, it is translated that into knowledge. This in turn helps the information seekers to, proper planning of the future, manage their resources efficiently, and make critical business decisions to expand the territories of business.

Lot of the businesses are using the Geographic Information Services in India for analysis of demography, competitiveness, expansion, risk management, target oriented marketing, planning of route.

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Sectors using Geographic Information Services in India:-

  • Health Care use GIS for marketing, promotion, research and development
  • Central and State Governments use GIS for development in economy, reforms for the legislation, administration registration for the voters, emergency management
  • Logistics use GIS for scheduling, routing, dispatch, tracking, and operations in the warehouse
  • Agriculture use GIS for the analysis of production, pollution control, targeted agrarian production
  • Telecommunications department use GIS wireless engineering, routing of communication network, customer support, target oriented marketing, construction management
  • Gas and Electric companies use GIS for engineering planning and designing, customer service, distribution system management, marketing, power generation and management of load, meter reading, billing and collection
  • Petroleum Industry uses GIS for exploration, distribution, and retail
  • Environmental management use GIS natural resource management, water quality, waste management, groundwater modeling,
  • Public Safety units use GIS as a constitutional part of emergency response systems formulated for man-made and future disasters
  • Forest Department use GIS for the mapping of flora and fauna

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geo tagging of msme registration

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